Monthly Archives : October 2016

Numbing Works

I first learned how to numb when my mom became ill and was hospitalized when I was 13. She went to the hospital and we went into survival mode—part of which involved numbing things to the “not-going-to-consume-me-with-raging-fire-of-the-miserable-unfairness-of-it-all” level. So, while my mom was in the hospital, my dad, two siblings, and I watched TV. Like a lot of it. Anything to forget and…

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The Gym Is NOT the Answer – Part 1

Even typing this title seems like a betrayal. My family and friends know how happy the gym makes me. How I talked about CrossFit and my gym for the first two years straight, regardless of if the listening party was interested. How my gym was my self-professed “church”, my rock through some of the stormiest times of my life. The…

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