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Hi, I’m Tiffany

You know how sensitive, smart people can get stuck in their heads and overwhelmed? I help them get unstuck and start living the life they want.

My clients learn how to break free from negative thought spirals, manage their emotions, and stop self-sabatoging so they can take meaningful action, without needing to be perfect along the way.

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“When I started coaching with Tiffany, I was in the midst of lots of big decisions, stress, pressure and discontentment. Through our work, I gained new perspectives, discernment, encouragement, laughter, tears and fantastic resources and tools that I had never heard of or used before. My whole view of life shifted - I began to truly see things transform before my eyes.  My mind shifted, but so did my general attitude about life.  Tiffany's work with me helped to affect my entire being - body, soul, mind, spirituality.   

I recommend life coaching for the type A/control freak personalities like me who like to pretend that we have it all together, but many times we are just looking for one person that is SAFE, WARM, AND AUTHENTIC.  I found that with Tiffany. I can't stress enough how gifted Tiffany is in her profession. I love meeting people who are doing exactly what they are made to do and she was made to be a LIFE COACH!" –Misty S.

"This is one of the best things I’ve done for myself. So much shifted. I came to coaching with feelings of overwhelm and scattered energy. Through our time together, I gained amazing perspective into my habitual thoughts and patterns and things that keep me stuck. A huge benefit was the space to really take a look at myself, dig deep and shine the light of awareness onto my old programming, which has changed the physical manifestation of my life. I would recommend it to anyone who is a seeker and looking to further understand and dig deeper into their lives. Tiffany is an amazing coach with incredible intuition and insight." -Savanna D.

"Tiffany created a space where I felt safe talking through things going on in my life, heart and head. Through our work, I was able to understand and recognize the unhealthy patterns I kept falling into and learn to work through them.

I started with Tiffany because I was having a lot of fear based thinking, feelings of anxiety, and negative thought patterns. After my experience of her coaching, I would recommend it to anyone who is in need of shifting their mindset and patterns, and to anyone feeling as if they're looking for a change, or feeling stuck and need some extra support and guidance." –Leah V.

“When I started coaching with Tiffany, I had just started my company and was feeling a little stuck in one place. The nine months we worked together was full of shifts and changes, all for the better. Working with Tiffany pushed me out of my comfort zone and brought a lot of awareness. The overarching benefit I got through our work was building confidence and more self-love. How I look at and feel about myself changed big time. I would recommend coaching with Tiffany without a doubt. She has incredible energy and if something isn’t working out, she changes it and tailors it to you. I’m so happy with my journey!" –Vanessa V.

“Life just seemed mundane before beginning life coaching. I was going through the motions and wanted more out of life. Also lots of yo-yoing with diet and life decisions. My coaching experience was far beyond my expectations. I was beyond grateful for everything I was able to learn through the process. Tiffany really took the time to know me and care about what was going on in my life even though it was changing from week to week. I gained a wealth of knowledge, tools to handle some tricky situations, how to obtain the best quality of life possible and so much more.” –Katie T.

"I started coaching when I was going through a number of transitions with a very small support system and without the skills and strategies to navigate the changes. I had gone to therapy for many years before coaching. I knew that I was ready for a program that would help me look forward rather than back. I knew the "why" behind the problems in my life but not the "how" to move past them.

Coaching has been uncomfortable, but the good kind of uncomfortable. The kind that shines light on what isn't working anymore. It's through my discomfort that I have been able to start to shed the habits and thinking that are keeping me from reaching my goals.The most obvious shift that I have noticed is how I talk to myself. I have so much more awareness of my inner bully and I can catch her and redirect her in a way that had never occurred to me before coaching. I have also learned how much control she has had over my decision making and my feelings toward myself. Just this awareness alone has been liberating. I would recommend coaching with Tiffany to anyone feeling stuck during a time of transition and those dealing with negative self-talk." –Elizabeth S.

"Tiffany is great at asking questions and mirroring back answers in a way that allows for greater insight and coherence. I looked forward to our sessions as a way to check in with myself and what is true for me. This made some of the decision making that I struggle with way easier. I chose to coach with Tiffany because I wanted support in making sense of all the thoughts swirling around in my head as I worked through a possible big job change on the horizon. I’d recommend coaching to women looking for a way to connect with their own wisdom, and find clarity and well-being." –Andra B.

"When I started working with Tiffany, I had just started an exciting new job in a new state. Despite many great things in my life, I was feeling alone, lost, and struggling with the transition. I wanted connection but people exhausted me.  I was tired but couldn't sleep.  My head was a constant whir of disparaging thoughts, self doubt, and shame.

Admitting to struggling is difficult, especially when it feels like there's nothing to complain about.  However, our sessions quickly felt like a judgement-free zone and it became fun to have someone to talk to.  Having someone to hold me accountable to goals was an excellent motivator.  Most importantly, the continuous affirmation that not only is it okay to fail but also an unsuccessful attempt isn't necessarily failure, was an incredible relief and motivator to keep going. Understanding “failure” and growth in a new way was huge. I would recommend working with Tiffany to anyone who feels like they are not who they want to be." –Eric W.

"Before coaching, I was not very connected to myself. I knew I wanted to move forward and move into my purpose, but I felt stuck. During my sessions with Tiffany, I felt very seen and heard. It was so helpful to be given a new perspective and to experience a judgment-free zone. I feel like I was able to get unstuck in my spiritual life, which shifted everything. I came away with a deeper acceptance of myself and my past. I feel much more grounded and able to connect to my own intuition. I'd recommend coaching to anyone who struggles with critical self-talk, frustrating habits, or feelings of being disconnected from themselves or confused about what they need to be doing." –Rebecca S.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”
Viktor E. Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning

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